Do you believe in saving money? Are you saving in gold yet?

about the company

Karatbars officially launched in April,  2011. This private company specializes in the sale of small 999.9 pure gold bars and gift items. The corporate office is located in Stuttgart, Germany. 
Karatbars International operates as an E-commerce company, with an affiliate program.  Karatbars International is responsible for the support, marketing, customer and partner communications, execution and delivery of all orders.

Karatbars is governed by the laws in Germany and adheres to all International Bullion Laws set forth by the World Trade Organization.

why gold?

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1. Gold is universal money, a tangible store of value and wealth protection.

2. Physical gold cannot go bankrupt or broke.  Gold bullion will never default on promises or obligations.

3. In times of crisis, gold bullion Tends To Increase Sharply In Value.

4. Gold is not created by governments nor is its value dependent upon ​governments.  All of today's governments issue paper fiat currencies ( dollars, euros, yen, pounds, yuan, rupees, pesos, etc. ).  Fiat currencies have no tangible value and are backed only by government decree ( namely legal tender laws ). Historically, governments always create and issue too much fiat currency.  Over the longterm, paper fiat currencies are worth less and less, until they are ultimately worthless.    

5. Individuals Buy And Own Physical Gold privately and anonymously.

6. Gold bullion investments are extremely portable, liquid, and Easy To Store In One's Home.

7. Governments And Central Banks Are Now Net Buyers Of Gold, meaning they are buying and hoarding more gold bullion than they are selling.

8. Politically or through market demand, governments will come under increasing pressure in returning to currencies backed by gold.  Returning To A Monetary System Anchored In Gold could cause the value of gold bullion to rise considerably in the months and years ahead.